I am a member of The Morgan Adams Foundation Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Program. I joined Dr. Nick Foreman's Lab in 2012 but my research journey started over 10 years ago in a cell biology class at Colorado School of Mines. My professor showed a figure with the "Hallmarks of Cancer" in which he said all cancer has these hallmarks but how it develops is different. As I started to think about them, I could reason why adults get cancer but I could not answer why kids get cancer. This started my desire to pursue a career in pediatric cancer research. After completing my Master's degree in pediatric leukemia at the University of Cincinnati, I joined Dr. Nick's lab. I focus my research on the crosstalk between brain tumor cells and immune cells mostly in posterior fossa ependymoma but have used the techniques to extend the work into pediatric GBM, Medulloblastoma and low grade gliomas. One of the things I love about the MAF research team is the focus on improving survival of kid's with brain tumors and also working toward enhancing their quality of life later on. This year I will be walking the Petri Dash in memory of my Uncle Roger, who was diagnosed with a GBM a little over 2 years ago, he unfortunately is no longer with us. He had huge heart particularly for kids. I will also be walking in honor of all of the kiddos diagnosed with brain tumors. 

The Morgan Adams Foundation provides significant funding to pediatric cancer research here in Colorado. Without their support, we would be unable to run preliminary data necessary to make federal grant applications competitive. Did you know less than 4% of pediatric cancer research grants are funded by the National Cancer Institute each year? Without MAF, we could not do the life saving research needed to have one less child die from cancer. Please consider donating to MAF. Thank you!