Petri Dash 2019

Fundraising tips

The Petri Dash Fundraising Tips and Tools

Once you've registered, you're ready to get the word out about the Petri Dash and ask for support. We're often hesitant to do that but don't be!  People appreciate the chance to support a worthwhile cause and most often just need to be asked to happily make a donation - and what better place to give charitable dollars than to fund research and treatments for pediatric brain cancer?

So how do you do that?  

  • Make a list of friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues and others you can reach out to for support.
  • Customize the donation request letter to tell people why you're doing this and what they can do to help.
  • Send the letter either electronically or by mail or both. Be sure to include links to your personalized donation page and if by mail, include a stamped self addressed return envelope and the form filled out as much as possible to make it easy for your donors to make their contribution.
  • Include a description of who The Morgan Adams Foundation is so people can see for themselves the good work they do.
  • Follow up! Go through your list and give folks a quick call to see if they have questions and then ask for their contribution!  You can also send a follow up email or postcard.  
  • In most cases they will say yes and be happy to make a donation.  Thank them, let then know that they are appreciated. If they say no, remember, they are not being critical of you, they simply have other places for their charitable dollars. Thank them for considering your request and move on - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Here are the materials you can use and customize to help you do all of this.

Donation Form
Team Building Tips
Sample Social Media Posts
Email Donation Solicitation Letter