I may not be able to do just about anything that I want right now. Nobody can. BUT, I am thankful. I remember that I have plenty of food in my house. I am reminded it is OK to be sad. And I am not alone. I am grateful that I am so very loved. I am trying to be patient. I am trying to be kind. I can continue to stay optimistic for those who cannot. Today I take a deep breath and smile.  -Written by my friend LipStickMoto (who's heart is bright and full of love)

The girls and I are preparing to RUN to support the Virtual Petri Dash! We are running for pediatric cancer and need your support. Cancer does not stop during COVID, so neither will we. We are "training" for this virtual event by walking, biking and running everyday. Exercise matters. It helps us feel good, stay positive and remain healthy. Please consider supporting us as we raise money for kids' with cancer.

We are excited to be participating in the Virtual Petri Dash, supporting kids' cancer research!