Every year I work on writing something different about WHY I *dash* in the Petri, but the truth is, it doesn't change for me.  Ever.  

I do what I do in honor of my quiet memories of Morgan Courtney Adams.  The ones I don't often share during all the speaking I do - asking for more on behalf of all our kids and teens with cancer.

And I keep doing what I do because Steven asked me to.  He said to me once, while he was in the middle of his own cancer treatment, that we needed to "do better" for our kids.  And so I try keep my promise to him, and I try to keep pushing forward and I try to "do better."  I will keep at it, so long as there is fight left in me.

Thank you for supporting me, for supporting The Morgan Adams Foundation and mostly, thank you -- as always -- for being with us on this journey to just do better... to give kids and teens with cancer #MoreThanHope because #CancerDoesNotStop.      <3 <3 <3