I am so excited to be participating in the Petri Dash to support life-saving kids' cancer research! This is my 8th year participating in the Petri Dash (formerly Grace's Race).

I run in loving memory of Morgan and Steven Adams. 

I run because research is the best chance we have at ending cancer. Kids' cancer research needs private sector support to move new treatments out of the lab and available for kids with cancer. Your support helps improve and save lives by facilitating the steps to create new safer and more effective treatments.

For all the kids who have been affected by kids' cancer, especially:

In loving memory of Morgan, Paxton, Trevor, Cooper, Luke, Piper, Koby, Ryan, Marc, Zuri, Lisa, Rishi, Gabby, Kailey, Avery, Ava, Daisy, Mia, Tanner.

For Danjela, Charlotte, Alice, Lilian, Gavin, Kaden, Myles, Jack, Madeline, Gabe, Grace, Josh, Adam, Will, Matthew, Caitlin, Kian, Hannah, Talan, Asher, Tayler, Izaac, Conner, Eli M., Cash, Ivy, JJ, Hadlee, Kian, Jamin, Levi, Kuhu, Zach, Morgan, Eli G., Aaron, Zach.